About Me


Shamed Binge Eater. Chronic Dieter. Body Hater. Guilty Emotional Eater.

I have taken on all of those labels throughout my 29 years here in this life but have happily now taken them off through the very same work I now work with clients on: transforming my relationship with food, body, and life. 

I became passionate about this work when I accidentally discovered intuitive eating and the power of cooking my own food from scratch by saying my final goodbye to diets. My binges stopped, the guilt around emotional eating lifted, my energy was up, my digestion was better than ever, my body lost weight, food became blissful again, and I felt the healthiest I ever had before. I thought it was magic but then began to wonder why no one was talking about this kind of lifestyle change (Eat whatever I want, when I want? Cooking from scratch is actually worth my time? Actually allow myself to eat when I'm hungry? What?).

So I decided to talk.

Fudge Vein started as a blog in January 2016 with the theme that your relationship with food should be as blissful as finding that perfect vein of fudge in your ice cream. Quickly after launching my blog, my true purpose revealed itself to me: helping other women have the same breakthrough I did with my relationship with food. And ever since that is what I have done and will continue to do.

The most important part of this work to me is guiding women to freedom so that all the energy spent on their food and body can go somewhere better, like taking actions to make their dreams come true, loving their loved ones, truly living their vision and purpose, and changing the world like these incredible souls are meant to.

That's the vision.

That's living life in the Fudge Vein.



    Eating Psychology and MindBody Nutrition Certification, Institute for the Psychology of Eating

    Bachelors of Business Management, Pepperdine University

    Masters in Transformational Training, Leadership Program 123

    Ascension Leadership Academy, Mentor SD6