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Welcome to the

Fudge Vein


Where your relationship with food is as blissful as finding the perfect vein of fudge in your ice cream.



Open your mind...


The way we think about and relate to food as a society is outdated and it shows in our collective health. We have some unlearning to do with the things we believe to be true about our food and our health. It is this unlearning that leads us back into our bodies and magnifies their natural ability to tell us exactly what to eat and how to move our bodies into true wellness.


The most important part of your relationship with food is eating. Eating is so much more than the food you put in your system. It's about using all five senses to explore, enjoy, and reinvigorate what you know the act of eating to be. It's about exploring opportunities in the how you eat to change how you view your own health.



...and your mouth